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Intuitive AI-powered enterprise applications to boost your business productivity and team collaboration. Take a step forward now on the digital transformation highway and future-proof your business with agility and innovation.

Next generation AP Automation, Enterprise approvals made simple and building value through our AI/ML-driven digital workspace bots. We take pride in helping our customers succeed through ever changing technology. Scalable, agile, high-performance, cost-cutting, cloud native and no-sweat setup.

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Building SaaS at scale and leveraging our expertise to save you time and money. That is our dedication and daily commitment. We understand that leading organizations need to stay ahead of the nextgen technology curve and focus on digital transformation and innovation to thrive.

And we're here to help your business adapt, transform and accelerate customer success with cutting-edge solutions and our inspiring team of experienced engineers and customer implementation specialists.

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Collaboration is the key to successful digital transformation. Next generation technology adoption, smart integration with third parties for agility and openness to collaboration can accelerate your digital transformation. That is why we believe in crossing the borders between your team, technology and your customers to realize a digital flow.

We think customer-centric and have created a strong customer engagement strategy by following customer behaviour, analyzing customer success metrics, anticipating customer needs and nurturing our customer's growth.
We build solutions that leverage your ERP investment and augment standards. Combining deep tech and AI/ML with nocode apps and extensions, we deliver solutions that grow with your business and remain future proof to avoid cumbersome upgrades and extra costs.

Hight.io was founded in 2020 in current pandemic times. Building corporate resilience, meeting the challenge of disruptive change and finding ways to prosper in dire times comes naturally to us. Become nimbler, more innovative and faster moving with us!


Hight.io Productivity and Innovation.

Deep Collaboration

The future of enterprise software will be defined by high productivity and team collaboration tools combining to solve specific business problems and maximize ROI.

This so-called Deep Collaboration is making work better - agile, more efficient, more valuable, having productivity tools work for you and not the other way around - and means combining the best of breed deep tech together with human intelligence.

Anything as a Service

In current changing and uncertain times you need to change focus to revenue efficiency and value creation. This requires a deep understanding of the capabilities and potential of nextgen technology.

XaaS is the way forward to increase flexibility and inject agility into your business with powerful digitalization and transformation tools to eliminate bottlenecks and drive profit.

Working on the Move

With the ability to work from anywhere in the world on any device, mobility is a key consideration when choosing cloud-native productivity tools for your business.
Remote work has exploded over the last year as organizations continue to cope with the pandemic's fallout.

The new generation of enterprise productivity tools is setting real-time team and customer collaboration, ability to access and find information instantly and using intelligent AI features to automate and gain efficiency as the new industry standard.

Unlocking the Power of AI

Just as SaaS brought in a new model compared to on-prem software, AI is creating essentially a new way of doing business.
And many enterprises see the value in applying AI and ML to their business challenges, but not all have the necessary resources to do it.

That is why embedded AI is an essential factor in high productivity enterprise apps. AI Microservices are embedded and will go completely unnoticed by users of the tools. It will simply augment their everyday tasks and give them access to functionalities they never had before.


Developer DNA

Back in the early days, we were just a small team of passionate developers and tech enthusiasts, united by the idea that integrating with an ERP system should not take longer than making a cup of coffee. We started Hight.io as a side project of our consulting business. But what started as a hobby project soon became very serious...










About Reducr.io

Intuitive AI-powered invoice automation with smart approval workflows and no-sweat setup. Cloud native, out-of-the-box template free and with easy integrations into your ERP and financial systems.

Instantly transform your documents and unstructured data into actionable intelligence with unparalleled accuracy and faster than ever before.


Discover FlowIQ.ai

Approval automation the way you want it. Define your approval process with powerful, flexible rules and highly configurable routings. Create the approval types you need for your business. Integrate multiple backend systems and data sources. View related media and attachments. Analytics and Audit Trail.

Connect to the collaboration tools your team loves (Slack, MSTeams, WhatsApp Business). Add ad-hoc approvers or leverage the batch approval function.
Secure, fast and easy.


Meet OrchestratorBot

OrchestratorBot for MS Teams and MS Outlook allows you to simplify your workflows, easily share data across your organization and unlock the power of Oracle JD Edwards from the comfort of your own social and team collaboration tools.

Use quick actions, pre-defined templates or the Orchestration discovery to dynamically generate the form. Upload file attachments directly into JDE. And easily view and edit data backed by the logic and security of your own orchestrations.


About Hight.io

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What we're looking for? Are you passionate about nextgen technology and developing market-leading business solutions? Are you ambitious, independent and motivated? Can you adapt and be proactive? Are you positive, open-minded and composed?

Then you are ready to change the game and join our team of innovators today. Take the leap of faith and apply now!


Meet SpringboardUX. Our trusted partner and Oracle JD Edwards UXOne and Orchestrator experts.

Become more efficient and work smarter by leveraging our skills and experience with UDOs, Pages, Orchestration and IoT. We revolutionise the User Interface using UXOne and Orchestrator and make you post-pandemic ready with proactive alerts and role-based pages.


About Hight.io


ERP Experts.

We increase our strong European and Belgian alliance with a strategic business partnership with Pixontri.
The ERP experts for Oracle JD Edwards and MS Dynamics F&O. Providing ERP expertise from infrastructure to roll out and everything in between!

Pixontri also has a strong focus on developing industrial mobile and web apps, together with AIS and Orchestrator-based add-ons with re-usable components.


Thank You!

Thank you all for contributing to our successful crowdfunding campaign raising 113K! We could not have done this without your continued support. 🙏🙏

Our public campaign has now been closed and we are currently closing the private campaign with selected co-investors and Business Angels who share our vision of The Future of Work! If you are interested to know more then contact us directly via Investments.