Van Nieuwpoort Groep optimises AP with Reducr

Van Nieuwpoort Groep selected Reducr.io from Hight.io to improve the AP automation process. Current process based on OCR scanning required a lot of manual effort to enter non matching invoices. Reducr.io will replace the traditional scanning engine of the current AP Automation supplier with an intelligent AI based engine. During a Proof of Concept the results were very positive which resulted in a decision to use Reducr.io to replace the existing scanning engine.

About Van Nieuwpoort Groep (VNG)
VNG consists of a chain of companies that supplies construction raw materials and products. From sand, gravel to concrete floors and EPS (expanded polystyrene) for insulation and foundation. VNG extracts raw materials and transport them via ships and trucks to construction sites. But VNG also deliver them to their own companies that use the raw materials to produce concrete mixtures or concrete floors. Prefabricated concrete floors are applied in small- and large-scale new construction projects (residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects). Sustainable recycled EPS can also be incorporated into the floors or used for insulation or foundation.

About Hight.io
Hight.io delivers AI driven SaaS solutions on the edge of the ERP and CRM landscape. Besides Reducr.io for AP Automation, Hight.io delivers SaaS solutions for Low Code development (OrchestratorBot), Document Management (JDOX) and Open Banking integration (Swiftfin).